Trainer Zertifizierung ICABS© + ICT Germany


Die Zertifizierung umfasst 3,5 Tage. Sie gliedert sich in ein vorgeschaltetes online Modul, auf das ca. 0,5 Arbeitstage entfallen und 3 Online Face-to-Face Tage

Module 01 ICTCERT-DE: Plan the Journey Ahead
Learning Outcomes
• Know that any source of cultural information is simplified and need not be valid for all contexts and situations; 
• Have learned how to assess the credibility and bias in cultural information sources.
• Have learned how to seek opportunities to improve your understanding of culture beyond the training offered.
• Have developed basic problem-solving strategies.
• Have experienced that perception is mostly subjective.
• Have learned that attention is mostly selective, and your attention span is limited.
• Have explored solving communication problems with limited intercultural knowledge. 
• Have solved a short intercultural communication challenge with the help of your own experience and previous knowledge. 
• Have become aware of the limitations of your own analyzing and observation skills. 
• Have explored different ways of solving misunderstandings.
• Have practiced analyzing communication and behavior.
• Have practiced observation and interpretation of behavior and communication.
• Have reflected on learning strategies.
• Have explored ways to suspending judgment and keeping an open mind.
Module 02 ICTCERT-DE: Getting on the Way
Learning Outcomes

After completing this module you will

  • • Have reflected on the causes and effects of stereotypes, bias, prejudice, and discrimination.
  • • Have experienced how culture shapes your own and others’ worldview.
  • • Have developed strategies to cope with psychological stress caused by the accommodation and adjustment to a new culture.
  • • Have practiced taking a cultural perspective other than your own.
  • • Have become aware of the fact that you are acting with limited cultural knowledge in the beginning.
  • • Have explored alternative interpretations in intercultural encounters.

 Module 03 ICTCERT-DE: Set Your Sails
Learning Outcomes
• Have gained a general overview of the host culture: history, politics, geography, society, values, customs, roles, communication, and behavior

• Have reflected on cultural similarities and differences

• Have explored different cultural models, dimensions, and communication models

• Have experienced the effects of different communication styles

• Have experienced the effects of different listening strategies

• Have worked with models of self/face